1. JOHN‘S WORT OIL (Hypericum perforatum oil)


St. John’s Wort oil is an ointment obtained by maceration in extra virgin olive oil of the inflorescences of Hypericum perforatum, officinal plant known as St. John’s Wort with anti-depressant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Such properties are due to the many active ingredients produced by the plant’s petal oil glands such as hypericin, pseudo-peripicin and iso-peripicin. During the extraction period, the lipo-soluble functional substances of the Hypericum perforatum pass into solution in olive oil: an oily extract is thus obtained from the typical red color, which is used for external use for its eudermic properties, particularly in case of dry skin and reddened by external agents such as sun, wind and low temperatures. Hypericum oil is able to stimulate cellular reproduction and tissue regeneration, and this is made possible by the presence of hypericin contained therein.Application is contraindicated before exposure to direct sunlight as a photosensitive product.
INGREDIENTS Extra virgin olive oil, inflorescences of Hypericum perforatum from spontaneous harvest. The ingredients of our product come exclusively from our organic farm

Shots and burns

Due to its therapeutic properties, hypericum oil is widely used in the treatment of shots and burns due to its healing, disinfecting and soothing action. In these cases, it is sufficient to apply the oil directly to the skin. It also performs effective action in cases of solar erythema.

Skin care

Thanks to its emollient action, hypericum oil is an excellent natural remedy for who suffer with dry skin and for those with psoriasis problems. hypericum oil is a cure for cracking, redness and cold cuts. Among anti-aging natural products, it is one of the most powerful in the industry: it is probably the most effective anti-wrinkle and anti-aging product that exists in nature. It will be enough to apply it every night on face and neck to see the first results after only 10 days of application. It also performs effective action in the case of decubitus wounds, stretch marks, scars and acne scars. The topical application (two to three times daily) improves wound healing.

Pain and swellingHypericum oil soothes pains and swelling and is therefore indicated to treat bruises, distortions, gout and rheumatism. Insect puncturesThanks to its soothing action, hyperic oil can be used in case of insect bites and mosquitoes; It gives quick relief and eliminates even the slightest itching.   MODE OF USEApply, through the spray dispenser, a small amount of oil to the skin of the face or body. Gently massage to help absorb the product. It is recommended to carry out this evening treatment and preferably after skin cleaning (we recommend the use of a neutral soap)  


In contact with sunlight, hypericin is able to produce photo-sensitizing effects on the skin. It is therefore recommended to keep the product in a cool, dry place away from light and to avoid full skin exposure to sunlight in areas where the product has been applied. FORMAT50 ml bottle – 100 ml bottle – 0.5 l metal containers VETERINARY USEHyperic oil can be applied externally to the skin and wounds of all animal species, without fear of side effects. It can be used as a veterinarian in the following cases:1. dryness or exfoliation of the skin of the muzzle or other areas subject to dermatitis2. healing of open scars and wounds thanks to the presence of the hypericin contained therein, capable of stimulating cellular reproduction and regeneration of the tissues so as to favor the reconstruction of the mantle in a homogeneous manner, thus reducing the visibility of the scar to the maximum.3. erythemas of any nature caused by contact with abrasive substances or plants4. Insect bites5. Atopic dermatitis6. Decubitus wounds

Glass bottle with 50 ml spray diffuser 

Glass bottle with 100 ml spray diffuser 


500 ml Metal Bottle