Our farm La Rosa dei Venti-Enna, located in the heart of the Sicilian hinterland, extends over a total area of about ten hectares, which develop on a slightly inclined slope at an altitude between 500 and 550 meters, used for the organic cultivation of olive trees. The olive grove consists of 2000 young plants planted sixth regular 8mx6m and another 40 majestic exemplary of centuries-old olive trees. The quality of these olives is predominantly Nocellare of Etn, Cerasuola and Biancolilla.
Our cultivation is organic, which means that no chemical is used, unlike a conventional farm where chemical products are used (very dangerous for our health) that replace and / or facilitate manual labor of man.
Inside the farm there are free varieties of animals (sheep, donkeys, horses and geese) that, apart from making our farm pleasant by their presence, are essential to keep the soil clean from weeds and simultaneously fertilize it. In essence, at La Rosa dei Venti-Enna we leave as much as possible, with a small human help, everything is done in a natural way.
The farm is minimizing the use of mechanical means that pollute, make noise and consume fuel. The soil is not turned away so as not to destroy cyclically the microfauna and at the same time enter carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is very harmful to the whole planet, but organic matter is brought both from the animals present in the farm and from the pruning scraps of the same trees.
In addition, the aeration and hydration of the subsoil is favored by the use of earthworms.
The farm is completely fenced and inside, in addition to Casale used as a Guest House, is located a small wooden house as a landmark for visitors, where we can directly buy our agricultural and handicraft products and a small range of typical local and Sicilian products.

Owners are always available in the company.